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Thursday, November 18, 2010

And the lord said, let there be light. And so it was there was light.

I have not been around lately (due to School). Originally I intended to discontinue blogging but I have decided to take it up again. This time with a better organized idea behind the posts I make. I am thinking about having a daily theme to update on and reflect about with denizens of the internet.

I am for the first time reading the Bible, and as what some refer to as nonbelievers, it's a different experience for me than say if I were raised in an actively religious household. This and other reasons have inspired me to return to Blogger, at least for the time being.

-One of my ideas is to post scripture and historical information about the writings or it's author(s)
-Another (and this is what I would typically do) is to repost and talk about Science in the modern age
-Posting about what I have read in the book "Origins and Evolution of Religion" by E. Washburn Hopkins, a deep text about the different ideas of spirituality in history BCE and CE.

I haven't fully decided how to approach transforming my blog into one or more of these three ideas. I'll respond to feedback and make a decision soon.

I am rather happy to return to the Blogosphere though and look forward to finding more people to interact with through this medium.

Changes coming soon.



  1. lets see what's coming

  2. Posting what you find in the origings and Evolution of Religion could be rather interesting!

  3. Though I'm not religious, the Bible has always been one of my favorite books. Nothing says Epic quite like the Old Testament.

  4. Not a religious guy here but very interesting post..

    Also check mine.