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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cable is doomed and our kids can't stop shooting each other

Saw this coming a while back when I worked at Blockbuster.


Of particular interest to me (quoting from the article linked above)

"Earlier this month, Apple announced that its revamped Apple TVs would be going for just $99 (older versions were $229) and started offering $.99 rentals on TV shows. Google TV, set for release this fall, will turn traditional TV sets into web browsers — and let viewers search for (and watch) the expanding range of television options available online. Netflix's streaming video service, Watch Instantly, is growing rapidly, and has reportedly inspired Amazon to jump in with a similar offering. "Netflix has already won the digital TV/Video War" says Paul Verna in Ad Age. A new Credit Suisse study found that 37 percent of Netflix subscribers between the ages of 25 and 34 watch Netflix streaming instead of TV, while 30 percent of subscribers between 18 and 24 have have ditched their cable TV."

What I don't know is the future of TV. Are people going to be integrating all forms of entertainment into computer systems or even PHONES? I can feel my nostalgia for simpler times bubbling.

Also did anyone hear about that shooting at UT Austin? What the hell?


  1. Well, I figured it out when hulu and redbox came to our lives. The question is: Are moviemakers, tv producers and affiliates making money with this changes?

  2. the internet is killing off a lot of the media/entertainment industry. pretty soon everything will stream or be downloaded

  3. I'm curious to find out Mayela. I'll keep my eyes open and get back to you in another post.

    Thanks for supporting!

  4. I hadn't heard about the shooting in Texas.

    I've read several articles over the past year about this phenomenon. I canceled my cable subscription a few years ago; everything you could ever want to watch is available online in some way/shape/form. I subscribed to Netflix about a year ago; I still haven't had a DVD sent but I use the Watch Instantly feature quite often. The only problem has been the selection available to stream online, but recently a deal was struck with two major movie distributors so now the selection will essentially double. Wish I could remember who the distributors were. They already had a deal with Criterion, which had their whole collection online. TV is becoming more and more obsolete.

  5. Right up there with print and most other forms of media.

    Do you also feel like entertainment in the US is being crowded into one of a few select mediums? Phone/Computer/Gaming System

    I remember the days when we bought TVs to watch TV, not do EVERYTHING ELSE.